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Our Featured Projects.

Project no.1


2012-08  改修面積 100㎡





ertain beauty salon and housing renovation (in Aomori-shi)

2012-08  100 square meters of repair area

Behind the architecture and 10 year developmental renovation

A beauty salon part uses old material, in an antique style, renovation

A dwelling part uses the 2nd floor of attic space, loft establishment (loft)

In the space where large store establishment of 2700 types and the back shelf 4.0m is light in a kitchen, renovation

Project no.2


2011-2012.07  延床面積 404㎡




Ceremony hole (in Ninohe-shi, Iwate)

2011-2012.07  404 square meters of total floor area.

The funeral which is a long-established store in Ninohe-shi and store of Buddhist altar fittings

Because there are no big funeral halls in the Chuson-ji area left for about 10 minutes by car in Ninohe-shi.

Attainability facilities will juxtapose the family funeral with the big hall 100 people can be accommodated, and are completed in Chuson-ji area for 24 hours.

Project no.3


2012.08 -2013.04  延床面積 1,091㎡


Certain pay home for the aged (in Aomori-shi)

2012.08-2013.04  1091 square meters of total floor area.

An existence building and an extension are connected by a connecting corridor and day service facilities are established in the 1st floor of existence building.

The extension was made pay home for the aged facilities (24 floors) and juxtaposed facilities.

Project no.4


2013.08-2014-06 延床面積 396㎡







Certain beauty salon (in Morioka-shi, Iwate)

2013.08-2014-06  396 square meters of total floor area.

6 stores are managed in the city at a beauty salon in a long-established store in Morioka-shi.

A site had trouble with parking space securement small, but a building is straight and is from the sky.

The improvement when it's seen, which is the innage opening a wing, also moves ahead now and develops, and is technology

O, the image by which interior also is light and is modernized, oh, it was done.

Customer development is a building of 80 percent of female, 20 percent of male and a female taste.

Facilities enrich a set plane (19 seats), a shampoo corner (4) and a private room jet spa.

Project no.5


2014-06〜2015-09 延床面積 1,428㎡











Authorization child garden certain junior college first kindergarten (in Aomori-shi)

2014-06-2015-09  1428 square meters of total floor area

174 people of capacity (24 inside non-Mitsuru children)

An old school building is wooden and is built in 1971, and it's managed for about 50 years, a finishing child is about about 3000.

Aging was developed and a plan of a new school building was advanced by a result of the NG by earthquake-proof diagnosis.

There was a request in the building which isn't in the city from a president.

I made sure that the kindergarten child will see the learned state and the state running about vigorously from the building where location is conspicuous and a glass face from a road in a light building.

By the image by which a butterfly is opening a wing when it's thought from the sky judging from the shape and understanding, now.

During being small, even if it'll be a high school, a university and an adult, I don't forget a request, flap like a butterfly and want you to live.

I included a wish and made it a concept with a design.

Aomori was snowy, so I devised it as Yuki increased an eaves and didn't soar.

A kindergarten child is satisfied as a substantial BI increase and a designer, too.

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