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Project no.4


2013.08-2014-06 延床面積 396㎡







Certain beauty salon (in Morioka-shi, Iwate)

2013.08-2014-06  396 square meters of total floor area.

6 stores are managed in the city at a beauty salon in a long-established store in Morioka-shi.

A site had trouble with parking space securement small, but a building is straight and is from the sky.

The improvement when it's seen, which is the innage opening a wing, also moves ahead now and develops, and is technology

O, the image by which interior also is light and is modernized, oh, it was done.

Customer development is a building of 80 percent of female, 20 percent of male and a female taste.

Facilities enrich a set plane (19 seats), a shampoo corner (4) and a private room jet spa.

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