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Wataru   Yamamoto

​監理建築士 斉藤元一(大臣)第123059号

建築には始まりはありますが,終わりはありません。 活用し続けるまで。私たちは、日々生活におわれ、街並みを見る機会が少なくなり、空を見上げることも少なく時代の流れを感じます。




Architecture has a start, but it's never-ending. Until I keep utilizing. The chance to see streets can end in a life every day, and is little, and we rarely look up at the sky and feel a flow in the time.

The one which can be settled builds such problem.

People go out to a town and enjoy the landscape, and a breeze flows from the inside in a building, and voice flows.

The space where inside and outside can be shared would like to be important.

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