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Project no.5


2014-06〜2015-09 延床面積 1,428㎡











Certified Children's Garden A certain junior college first kindergarten (Aomori city)

2014-06-2015-09 Total floor area 1,428㎡

Capacity 174 (24 children under)

The old garden building was built in 1971 with a wooden structure and has been in operation for about 50 years, with about 3,000 graduated children.

As the building deteriorated, the plan for the new garden building was advanced based on the result of NG in the earthquake resistance diagnosis.

There was a request from the president for a building that is not in the city

Location from the road The building is bright so that you can see the children learning from the glass surface and running around vigorously.

As you can see from the shape, when viewed from the sky, the image is that butterflies are spreading their wings.

I want you to live like a butterfly, without forgetting your hopes even when you grow up in small, middle, high, and university.

With a wish, we made it a design concept.

Aomori has a lot of snow, so we extended the eaves to prevent the snow from rising.

The number of children has increased significantly, and I am satisfied as a designer.

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